The Work

Design first, develop once.

Our passion lies in the craft of realizing a product's full potential.

We are focused on applying our science of design, with the strategy of our partner's business model, to bring out the very best user experience not only for the users of the final product but also for our clients experience of building the product.

The Inspiration

Better products through User-Focused
Design System Processes.

SORBIE is a user-focused design system firm focused on the user's experience and provides User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) development services for engineering firms, agencies, start-ups, and other organizations across multiple industry segments, mostly focused on capital markets but also Include: healthcare, data intelligence, not-for-profit, law firms, and public sector organizations.

We drive our process with an efficient, user-driven perspective. This process allows us to tackle the most complicated of applications in an agile approach with little waste and well-managed expectations for the client along the way.

Some of our current projects include:

  • Futures and options trading applications
  • Exchange trading and admin interfaces
  • Freight logistics
  • Cryptocurrency trading
  • Data Governance platform
  • Law Firm website.

The Process

Start with the end in mind.

Our process focuses on the direction of the project in it's business goals and captures the vision for the application from the perspective of the end-user's expectations. To do this we may utilize research, analytical documentation, and realistic prototypes in order to plan, iterate and set expectations for the client and their end-users.

Once plans are ready for coding to start our level of involvement in the development of the application is based on the client need. We can hand over designs and specifications to an in-house or 3rd party team, or we can employ our own team to build the best UI for the application requirements. Either way, the design process typically follows alongside an agile development process to help guide the project until completion.

We have partners who can provide bank-level security and engineering and for agencies SORBIE can also white-label our services and become an extension of your existing team.

In the end, the our design process is a proven one that has drastically reduced development time and cost for numerous clients while ensuring that the delivered system meets business objectives and the expectations of the client and their end-users.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Clear business goals set from the start
  • See what the final product will look like, and how it will operate, before spending the development budget
  • Efficient use of development time by building exactly what has already been designed
  • Happy, well directed and informed developers with a clear, consistent workload
  • Happy clients with well-managed expectations

Design Processes and Deliverables may include:

  • Business analysis
  • Application prototyping
  • Establishing user personas
  • Defining use cases
  • Interaction and visual design
  • Front-end development